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Sears tops new “2015 Retail Omnichannel Functionality Benchmark” report

Sears recently topped Forrester Research’s new “2015 Retail Omnichannel Functionality Benchmark” report. The esteemed industry analyst firm compared the ominchannel / Integrated retail capabilities of 20 leading retailers in the United States and United Kingdom. Forrester ranked each retailer on many factors in the categories of online experience, channel consistency, in-store pickup and store experience.

The retailers’ average score was 59 and Sears led all companies with a score of 78.

This ranking from Forrester validates our company’s progress against one of our key objectives in delivering these industry-leading capabilities and value to our members. Thanks to the Online, iMX, Member Technology and Store Operations teams for helping us to bring our Integrated Retail strategy to life each and every day.

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