Today's Car: Concert Hall, Movie Theater, Video Game Station, Private Office Space, Climate-Controlled Haven

New DieHardĀ® Platinum Battery Is Designed with the Power to Keep Up with Technology

The relationship between a car and its owner is quite different than just a few years ago. A car may be a personal concert hall with a multi-disk CD changer, six speakers and a sub-woofer that makes the headlights dim and windows rattle. Or a family's personal movie theatre and video gaming station for those weekend trips. Some days, it is a climate-controlled haven from which mom can enjoy her kids' baseball game. And, yes, it is also a virtual office where the business executive powers a laptop, PDA and cell phone in today's 24/7 environment.

Those varied roles require significant power demands that are quite different than those handled by cars driven a generation, or even a decade, ago, but battery technology has changed very little, until the new DieHard Platinum battery.

These premium-grade batteries were designed for a longer life than traditional batteries, offer increased levels of safe operation, can withstand extreme heat and cold, and are durable for consumer automotive/marine applications. The DieHard Platinum battery also offers proven vibration resistance for off-road applications and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

"Today, many Americans might be lost without that navigation system, car phone charging and DVD in the back to keep the kids happy on long drives, but these components can be a drain on a traditional battery," said Rick Sawyer, vice president and general merchandise manager of Sears Auto Centers. "With the new DieHard Platinum battery, you'll have the confidence that your car battery will be able to keep up with your life on the road."

  The DieHard Platinum battery, with Evolution Technology, offers:

  -- Up to 40 percent more reserve capacity*
  -- Up to 28 percent more cold cranking amps than comparatively sized
     spiral Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries providing much more starting
     power to automobiles and boats
  -- Valve regulated (non-spillable) technology allowing it to be shipped
     anywhere in the United States
  -- DieHard batteries' best-ever, four-year free-replacement warranty. See
     your local Sears store for written warranty details.

"With DieHard Platinum, we continue the legacy of innovation that was established with the original DieHard battery 40 years ago," Sawyer said. "So the next time you walk to that remote parking lot in excessive heat or frigid weather, you'll have the peace of mind that your car will start. If you are stranded due to extreme weather conditions or car difficulties, DieHard Platinum enables your car phone charger and lights to last longer than a traditional wet-cell battery."

Sears Auto Centers are the exclusive distribution channel for DieHard Platinum batteries. For more information visit and to view the latest DieHard Platinum ads, visit DieHard Platinum (model # 02850034000).

  *than comparably sized spiral wound AGM batteries

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