Craftsman Tools Inspire DIY Know-How With 2007 Product Innovations

More than 25 million U.S. homeowners undertake at least one home improvement project each year(1) -- whether it's a small task such as repairing a kitchen cabinet door or a larger one like creating a butterfly sanctuary in the backyard. With so many homeowners passionate about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, consumers have a huge appetite for knowledge, from how to select the right tool to discovering creative inspiration to take their home improvement projects to the next level.

Eric Stromer, host of HGTV's "Over Your Head" show, today introduced the 2007 line of new Craftsman products across three major home improvement categories -- the workshop, the garage and lawn and garden.

"I never start a home improvement project without the right tools," Stromer said. "The state-of-the-art Craftsman products we're introducing today can provide amazing results for novices and experts alike. With more than 80 years of quality, innovation and reliability, Craftsman tools provide the inspiration to do more."

"My show, which provides pointers to deal with home improvement projects gone bad, wouldn't exist if every project went exactly as planned," Stromer said. "Often, DIYers get tripped up because they're not using the right tools, which is why I am excited to partner with the Craftsman brand to help everyone achieve professional results with the right tools, knowledge and inspiration needed for a job well-done. From fingerprint technology in the latest garage door opener to a computer-controlled woodworking machine, these new tools are truly ground-breaking."


Due to the accuracy and precision it provides, laser technology, which is not affected by uneven surfaces or obstructions, is finding its way into more and more home workshops. Sears is introducing the following Craftsman professional quality laser-related products priced for the DIYer:

  --  AccuTrac Laser Measuring Tool: This user-friendly tool quickly
      measures distances from point to point and volume with precise laser
      accuracy and displays them on a large, back-lit LCD screen -- all at
      the push of a button. DIYers can use the measuring tool for exact
      estimates when purchasing materials, such as fencing, carpet, tile,
      paneling and paint or when calculating the size of HVAC units needed
      for a home.
  --  Digital LaserTrac® Levels (10-inch and 24-inch options): These
      levels have new digital technology that clearly reads the angle of the
      tool to 1/10 of a degree when either right side up or down.

The new Craftsman Auto Loading Utility Knife is a major advance in time-saving and safety as it eliminates the need to manually change blades. When all blades have been used, simply remove the old cartridge and insert a new 20-blade cartridge. A convenient holster holds the knife and an extra blade cartridge secure.

Sears also launched two other innovative Craftsman workshop products earlier this year:

  --  CompuCarve Compact Computer-Controlled Woodworking Machine: This
      three-dimensional woodworking machine with an easy-to-use interface
      allows a novice to achieve professional results on projects, such as
      designing cabinets. It works with wood, cast acrylic and solid surface
      materials like Corian®, and users can create designs on any computer
      then transfer them to CompuCarve with a flash memory card.
  --  Lithium-Ion Battery Pro Line: This top-of-the line suite of quality
      tools includes a Craftsman Professional Drill and Circular Saw with a
      LaserTrac® Level and LED Worklight -- all powered by a DieHard®
      Lithium-Ion 20-Volt battery pack. This battery's life support revolves
      around the Craftsman SmartChip™, a microchip built into the battery
      pack and charger that protects each cell from overcharge and over
      discharge, and the battery pack from extreme temperatures -- the
      primary culprit for battery failure.

"For me as a professional, trying to match baseboard, trim, molding, etc. could take weeks of hunting for or fabricating at custom milling shops," said Stromer. "With CompuCarve, the custom mill is now in your own garage. The only limit in creating custom designs and configurations is your own imagination!"


When it comes to mechanical tools, Sears continues to provide Craftsman equipment guaranteed to make home improvement and tool storage easier and more convenient. Check out the hot new storage solutions and mechanical tools:

  --  AXS: For DIYers who like to trick out their cars or add personality to
      their garage, AXS is the must-have storage system that will create a
      "wow" factor. AXS is the first tool storage system to offer improved
      productivity by integrating slide-out work surfaces, 120-Volt outlet
      power strips, a 12-Volt plug-in, a digital information center, the
      Master Lock® One-Key learning lock system and LED task lighting --
      all built on top of I-Frame® cabinet and chest construction.
  --  EntryEase Fingerprint Keypad for Garage Door Openers: Sears now offers
      a Craftsman Fingerprint Keypad for Garage Door Openers that eliminates
      the need to remember pins or passwords. The optional plug-in light
      control enables homeowners to plug in any electric device in the home
      and operate it with the fingerprint keypad.
  --  Lift and Secure: Combining a jack and a jack stand in one product cuts
      the lifting time in half. And because the locking jack stands are
      built in, there's no need to crawl under the car or use mechanical
      jack stands. A patented extension screw lifts the vehicle up to 17
      inches. An accessory saddle enables you to convert the Lift and Secure
      from a power lift to a conventional jack.
  --  LED Jack: This innovative product's built-in LED light illuminates the
      undercarriage of the car, helping position the jack in the right spot
      on the car's frame. An automatic shut off after one minute conserves
      the LED's battery. At just 30.6 lbs., the light weight jack with side
      handles is easy to maneuver and position. And its low, 31/2-inch
      starting height fits easily under cars with lower ground clearance.

"The AXS is the new focal point of my workshop," said Stromer. "Not only does it hold tools, it's a work surface, a docking station for my MP3 player, it's got power strips and 12-volt plug-ins, I can know the time, date and temperature in my workspace, and I'll never lose another tool box key again because the Master Lock One-Key learning lock system lets me program my house key to work with my AXS system."

  --  Crossforce Wrench Expanded Line -- Thanks to the introduction of the
      Craftsman Crossforce Wrench, it's a cinch to get better leverage and
      more comfort when tightening bolts. There's no longer any need to
      practically turn upside down to get good leverage with a wrench or
      feel the pressure of a thin-handled regular wrench digging into the
      palm. Sears introduced the Craftsman Crossforce wrench in 2006 and
      today announced the expansion of that successful line.  The new models

    --  Seven-piece reversible ratcheting Crossforce wrench set, which
        enables the user to switch directions with the flip of a lever with
        one hand. The 12 degree offset box end allows clearance for knuckles
        and the full polish finish results in easier cleanup. Available in
        September 2007.
    --  Five-piece Crossforce wrench in larger sizes with a long, ergonomic
        handle for a more comfortable grip and additional leverage. These
        products are in response to consumer demand for larger sizes.
        Research conducted by Sears shows that comfort is even more
        important to consumers when using larger-sized wrenches. This
        five-piece set will come in standard sizes ranging from 13/16 to 1-
        1/8 inches and in metric sizes, ranging from 18 to 24mm. Available
        in October 2007.


The latest Craftsman storage solutions and electrical tools make sprucing up the lawn and garden easier and more fun.

  --  Folding Trailer: This new product is a durable trailer with a
      revolutionary fold-up design featuring a crank mechanism that allows
      it to fit through a standard door or gate frame.
  --  Pressure Washer: Celebrating 80 years of the Craftsman brand, this
      anniversary edition of the gas-powered pressure washer delivers a
      high-power water stream from a precision spray selection wand. If
      you've ever used a pressure washer, you know how easy it can be to
      lose track of the nozzle tips. This wand has built-in spray tips,
      which can be easily selected by rotating the nozzle.
  --  Zero Turn Push Mower: Makes mowing the lawn fast and fun with a
      360-degree zero turning radius for easy steering in any direction,
      quick turns and easy trimming around landscaping.
  --  Gas Weedwacker: This 32cc gas trimmer makes starting a snap with the
      Sim-Pul starting technology. This convertible trimmer easily converts
      to an edger, blower, cultivator, pole pruner or bushcutter with the
      optional attachments. With the Craftsman Exclusive Hassle Free head
      there is no more winding line. Simply insert the pre-cut line into the
      head and you're ready to trim.

"With a little inspiration and the right tools, you can easily turn your backyard into an outdoor living space," said Bill Kiss, Craftsman brand director. "It's easy to transform your backyard into a playground, a family game area and a place to admire your beautiful garden -- all in one."

All new products will be available at and Sears stores. Select new products will also be available at Kmart stores.


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