Kmart 90-Day Generic Program Offers Customers True Cost and Health Value

Length of Program Eliminates Frequent Trips to Pharmacy, Helps Ensure Compliance to Drug Regime and is a Better Value for Customers Than Wal-Mart's Plan

In response to Wal-Mart's decision to offer $4 costs on limited generic drugs and initially at a limited number of Wal-Mart stores, Kmart reiterated its support for its 90-Day Generics Program, which offers a convenient 90-day supply of selected generic prescriptions for $15.

The program, which began in May of this year, has been in effect in all 1,100 Kmart pharmacies nationwide, and provides added economic, time and compliance value.

"While Wal-Mart's program appears to be a cost-saver at first glance, Kmart's 90-day program is a better value and time saver for customers, allowing them to return to the store every three months instead of every 30 days to refill their prescriptions," says Mark Doerr, vice president, Kmart Pharmacy. "The $15 cost spread over three months ultimately means that customers are paying $5 a month for refills, but saving money on gas and valuable time associated with frequent trips to the pharmacy."

Moreover, according to Doerr, the program helps customers remain compliant with their drug treatment regimens by taking their medications when prescribed. "Customers who are refilling every three months are more likely to remember to take their medications, and less likely to worry about running low at the end of each month."

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