Science Becomes Art in American Laundry Rooms

Sears Announces New Kenmore Elite® Oasis HE™ Line -- a High Performance, High Efficiency, Top-to-Bottom Makeover of the Top-Loading Washer and Front-Loading Dryer

The most capacity in its class, tinted windows, computerized Hi Definition controls and energy efficient performance -- the new Kenmore Elite Oasis HE features innovations that are more analogous with new cars and consumer electronics than with laundry appliances, but the features on this new line of high-efficiency (HE) washers and dryers put them among the most sought-after hybrids of 2006.

Following the successful introduction of the front-loading Kenmore Elite HE4t in 2005 and the HE3t in 2003, Kenmore Elite is proud to showcase the Oasis HE. This new line provides all the benefits that consumers have come to love in a front-load HE washer, but packages them in the top-load format that is most preferred by consumers (top-loaders are used in 73 percent of American households). Oasis HE revolutionizes the top-load washer and offers best-in- class features -- cleaning and drying performance; capacity; energy; quiet operation; water efficiency; and style.

"We wanted to create a washer and dryer that made life easier and more fun for families by combining high performance and technology with a style that is truly stunning," said Tina Settecase, vice president and general manager for home appliances at Sears, Roebuck and Co. "The Oasis HE cleans better than any washer on the market* and uses significantly less water and energy than conventional top-load washers."

Best-In-Class Cleaning Performance

The Oasis HE features an innovative new washing system that allows clothes to move uninterrupted and unharmed through the wash. This gentlewash™ technology allows clothes to be their cleanest as the new Invizible™ Agitator can gently handle the most delicate items, while still providing superior cleaning performance. Engineers built the Oasis HE from the ground up to ensure superior performance for whiter whites, cleaner clothes, and at the same time, keeping them looking new for longer.

"There is a common misperception that all washers clean your clothes equally well, which isn't true," said Settecase. "The Kenmore Elite Oasis HE truly delivers on the promise of better cleaning performance."

With the Oasis HE, laundry perfectionists can rest easy knowing their washer has state-of-the art cycles; perfectly timing the release of detergent, bleach and fabric softener; and can marvel at how Oasis HE cleans better than conventional agitator washers.

"No detail was overlooked. The washer and dryer have been designed to wash and dry the same sized loads in not just equal time, but actually dry faster than the washer can wash so clothes are dry and folded before the next load is finished washing," said Settecase. "The Oasis HE helps families master the craft of laundry and in the end, makes the time-consuming process of doing laundry simpler and more inspired."

Introducing Canyon Capacity™ Drum -- The Largest Washer Available

Inside, the Oasis HE has the largest capacity on the market -- an IEC equivalent canyon-sized, 4.5 cubic foot, stainless-steel drum that is 28 percent larger than a standard top loader and will efficiently clean 23 bath towels in a single load. This increased capacity could ultimately help reduce the number of laundry loads by up to 50 percent. In a recent Harris survey of 2,000 homeowners, respondents noted capacity as the most wanted washer feature after high efficiency.

The Canyon Capacity is possible in part because the low profile Invizible™ Agitator opens up space, allowing you to wash bulky items, like king-size comforters that in the past were only sent out to the cleaners.

HE = High Efficiency

The "HE" in Oasis HE stands for High Efficiency, and at a time when energy costs are soaring, Kenmore delivers on this promise. High Efficiency means it exceeds Energy Star® requirements, and also includes measures for water savings, which Energy Star does not. The new Oasis HE high-performance washing system uses 47 percent less water than conventional top-load washers and 53 percent less energy.

The engineering that creates these efficiencies also saves homeowners time in the laundry room. For example, more efficient spin cycles help reduce drying times and ultimately the energy used per load of laundry. The Oasis HE washer spins at over 1,000 RPM which makes it the fastest spinning washer drum in the top-load class.

Style/Design Unmatched -- A Quiet Companion

Kenmore Elite was the first to introduce designer colors in combination with halting style with the award-winning HE4t in 2005, setting a new standard for excellence in laundry appliances. Oasis HE shares the signature elements of the HE4t with designer features including a radical ClearView glass lid, High Definition controls and rich exterior designer colors like Pacific Blue and Black Diamond. Kenmore Elite elegance is once again leading the trend of allowing homeowners to add the laundry room to their home tours and bathe the space in a whole new light.

The Oasis HE washer and dryer also utilize QuietPak9™ technology, which makes them the quietest laundry pair Kenmore has ever offered. QuietPak9 delivers reduced sound by enhancing the structural integrity of the washer and dryer by utilizing advanced Direct Drive motors and sound-absorbing materials.

Largest Dryer on the Market

In step with the Oasis HE washer, the Oasis dryer brings features never- before-seen in the marketplace. Canyon Capacity makes Oasis the largest dryer available for consumers today and the Easy Load™ door along with a raised drum makes it more comfortable to load and unload. Because the increased spin speed in the washer helps take more water out of the clothes after a wash, the Oasis dryer finishes the job in impressive style. While conventional dryers have one motor to power both the blower/heater and the spinning of the drum, the Oasis dryer features the Dual Action Drying™ system, which provides one motor for airflow and a second motor for tumbling the clothes. This results in faster drying times and in fact, the dryer now dries a load of clothes faster than it takes the washer to clean a load. The Canyon Capacity and Dual Action Drying system also help to ensure a quick dry with fewer wrinkles.

Cool Down

The innovative new Kenmore Elite Oasis washers and dryers are scheduled to turn heads in stores in March 2006. Washer prices range from $799 to $1,099 and are available in four price levels. Model numbers: 2703x, 2704x, 2706x, 2707x 2708x and 2709x. The Oasis HE is available in three exterior designer color options; White on white, Pacific Blue and Black Diamond. For more information visit .

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*Compared to other leading brand top-load high efficiency washing machines

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