Sears Statement Regarding Preparations for Hurricane Isabel

Sears, Roebuck and Co. (NYSE: S) said today that its stores on the East Coast are currently stocked with many storm-related essentials, and the company anticipates quickly moving additional merchandise into any areas impacted by Hurricane Isabel.

Sears is working with its vendors to send additional generators as well as a supply of sump pumps, batteries and flashlights directly to those stores in the anticipated path of the hurricane. Monday evening, four truckloads of generators were sent to Sears' East Coast regional distribution center in central Pennsylvania, which is also stocked with additional supplies for timely delivery to stores in the storm's predicted path.

  Sears carries the following storm-related items:

  -- Wet/Dry vacuums
  -- Dehumidifiers
  -- Sump pumps
  -- Chainsaws, hand-tools and cordless powertools
  -- Pillows, blankets and weatherproof clothing
  -- Workboots and gloves
  -- Batteries and battery-operated radios and flashlights

Over the weekend, Sears stores along the East Coast experienced a heightened demand for generators and other storm-related items as residents prepared for rough weather.

"Sears has a long history of meeting the needs of families and their homes and we are prepared to meet the needs of those affected by this storm," said Gus Pagonis, Sears' senior vice president of Supply Chain Management. "We're ready to send up to an additional 2,000 extra generators and other supplies to our stores along the mid-Atlantic as residents cleanup after the storm."

SOURCE: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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