Sears on State Showcases Captivating Land of Look-Alikes

Holiday Display Makes State Street Debut Wednesday, November 7

  WHAT:    This holiday season Sears on State will display the artwork from
           Look-Alikes - an award-winning book by artist Joan Steiner.  The
           displays will feature six dioramas that mimic a miniature
           metropolis that is meticulously crafted out of everyday objects
           from mousetraps to milk bones.  State Street shoppers will have a
           great time identifying the hidden objects in the scenes (a chair
           made out of an oven mitt; a window made out of teabags).

  WHO:     Joan Steiner is a graduate of Barnard College and a self-taught
           artist.  Her unique three-dimensional creations have appeared in
           the New York Times, Games Magazine, Nickelodeon and Sesame Street
           Magazine.  The recipient of numerous art and design awards,
           including a Society of Illustrators Award and a National
           Endowment for the Arts fellowship, Ms. Steiner lives in
           Claverack, New York.

  WHERE:   Sears on State
           2 N. State St. (NW corner of State and Madison streets)

  WHEN:    Wednesday, November 7 through Wednesday, January 2

  VISUAL:  Three-dimensional dioramas built from more than 100 everyday
           objects depicting whimsical holiday and small-town scenes
           highlighted with photographs from the book.

CONTACT: Rebecca Hary, 847-286-3796 or Melissa Winchester, 847-286-5708, both of Sears, Roebuck and Co.

PR Newswire -- Nov. 7



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