Eases Jitters for College Students Realizing 'There's No Place Like Home'

Although their environment will impact their ability to settle in, study and relax, college students are often too busy registering for classes, meeting and greeting roommates and saying goodbye to their families to plan a new living space. Whether they are returning students who are once again packing up their childhood bedrooms or freshmen leaving home for the first time, students can turn to to help make the transition to college life that much easier.

Before leaving home, students can visit and scope out their back-to-campus needs -- from alarm clocks, coffee makers and screwdrivers to the little extras that make dorm living more comfortable, such as microwave ovens, TVs and compact refrigerators. Upon arriving at school, meeting their new roommates and checking out what they've brought along, students can go back to, research those remaining essentials available online, or head out to their local Sears store to buy whatever else they'll need to get through the year.

Students on a budget can also check out "This Week's Ad" section on By entering a zip code, they can find out what items are on sale at their local Sears store or online. The "Store Locator" on also will provide a list of nearby stores -- and a map and directions. Products bought on can be returned to the local Sears store.

  Things They Won't Teach You At School:
   -- Settling In:  There's no place like home.  For kids who are accustomed
      to the space and conveniences of home, a 24'-by-24' room can feel more
      like a prison cell than a dorm room.  To help students personalize
      their living space, offers Craftsman tools like a 2.4 volt
      cordless mini driver (#11125, $19.99), perfect for building a
      heavy-duty bookshelf or for making that much dreamed about loft bed.
      Dorm-size refrigerators (#91171, $99.99) by Kenmore are just the
      perfect size for a pizza box or keeping caffeine-filled sodas cold.
      Necessities for making meals in a hurry -- from hot pots
      (#49039, $9.99) and toaster ovens to indoor grills like the George
      Foreman Grill (#48533, $24.99) -- can be found at
   -- Studying:  Pulling all nighters gets old fast.  Starting that paper a
      few weeks before it's due actually makes life a whole lot easier.  Get
      a head start with studying essentials from, including a
      Compaq notebook (#82961, $1,499.99) and scanner (#40330, $99.99).
      Keep track of classes, study groups and labs with Palm's M100 handheld
      organizer (#73000, $149.99).
   -- Relaxing:  There's more to college than hitting the books.  Adjusting
      to new surroundings, worrying about grades and cramming for mid-terms
      can make for a very long semester.  Students can make the most of
      their spare time with JVC's Gigatube Stereo System
      (#90931, $399.99), Sylvania's 19-inch TV (#49201, $139.99) or
      Kenmore's countertop microwave (#61109, $69.99) -- perfect for
      whipping up snacks to accompany late-night movies.

Parents who would rather their son or daughter not steal away with their favorite linens, towels or microwave oven can say goodbye and good luck with a Sears Gift Card. Ordered online at, from $10 to $100 (in increments of $5), gift cards can be sent directly to students with a personal message. The gift cards can be applied to the purchase of any merchandise made at their closest Sears store.

Sears Gifts Cards can be delivered to all 50 United States and Puerto Rico and are available on, year-round, for all gift-giving occasions, including back-to-school, weddings, housewarmings and the holidays. Products purchased on can be shipped within the 48 contiguous United States and for increased convenience, products bought on can be returned to a local Sears store or shipped back. focuses on solutions for the home -- and family. Products available at include appliances and cookware, tools, home electronics, computers and office equipment, lawn and garden equipment, fitness equipment, school uniforms, an assortment of baby products -- and parts for appliances and electronics. offers shoppers the convenience of researching and buying online, or researching online, and buying in a local Sears store.


SOURCE: Sears, Roebuck & Co.

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