Sears Offers 0% Financing for Ford Replacement Tires

Sears Auto Centers are offering 0% financing for Ford owners seeking replacement tires for their Explorers, Expeditions, Ranger and some F-150 pick up trucks. The free financing offer is intended to make it easier for customers to pay for replacement tires while waiting for reimbursement from Ford.

"We're the largest tire retailer in the nation and have ample supplies of replacement tires," said Sears Automotive Group President Bill White. "However, customers may have to wait for reimbursement after they replace their tires. This zero per cent financing offer will help make sure that they don't have to pay for this unfortunate set of circumstances."

Sears currently has ample supplies of replacement tires for the Ford program from, Michelin, Goodyear and others. Under the terms of the tire replacement program, Ford will reimburse customers $110 for 15-inch Firestone Wilderness AT tires and up to $130 for the replacement of 16- and 17-inch tires. In order to receive the reimbursement, customers must have both a receipt showing the purchase price of replacement tires and the Wilderness AT tires that were removed from the vehicle. Both need to be presented to Ford dealers to obtain the refunds.

While only Ford vehicles equipped with the Wilderness AT tires are included in the Ford tire replacement program, consumer awareness of tire maintenance and safety requirements has increased dramatically as a result of the publicity surrounding the Ford-Firestone issue.

"We are well prepared to take care of customers with the widest selection and deepest inventory of any retailer," said Bill White, president of Sears Automotive Group. "No matter what vehicle you drive or what tire brand you have, we are willing to provide free inspections to make sure you have adequate pressure and tread depth. We will also identify any uneven wear, which could indicate a problem with the vehicle or with the alignment. With the summer driving season upon us, properly maintained tires are even more important."

Improperly inflated or worn tires can impair a vehicle's ride and handling and can lead to premature tire failure. Underinflated tires will also result in poorer gas mileage, something no one can afford this year.

"Most people don't think twice about their tires after they purchase them," said White. "Yet, those four tires are all that keeps you safely in contact with the road. No matter how good your tires are or what brand they are, a periodic check of the air pressure and inspection of how the tires are wearing is highly recommended."

Sears offers every major brand of tire including Michelin, Goodyear, B.F. Goodrich, Pirelli, Dunlop and others, and also carries the complete line of DieHard automotive batteries.

To have your tires inspected, simply stop by any Sears Auto Center location. "We're focused on fast, expert service, so customers can expect to be in and out very quickly," said White.

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SOURCE: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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