Wedding Gifts Make New Places Feel Like Home -- And Turn Old Haunts Into New Havens

Congratulate the bride and groom with a gift from that helps them transition from single living to married life. From appliances and electronics to outdoor grills and power tools, offers a mix of traditional and nontraditional items that can warm up a new home or make an old place feel new again.

To equip new homes or refresh current ones, friends and family members may order a variety of gifts on such as microwaves, portable telephones -- and digital cameras to help capture special moments. Smaller items may be gift wrapped and sent directly to the newlyweds with warm congratulations. For increased convenience, products bought on also may be returned to local Sears stores, or shipped back to -- whichever is more convenient. Anyone purchasing on receives e-mail notification confirming when the product actually has been shipped.

Wedding guests may order Sears Gift Cards on, from $10 to $100 (in increments of $5), and send them directly to the bride and groom with a personal message. The Sears Gift Cards may be used to purchase any merchandise at their closest Sears store -- from major appliances to towels and sheets.

  Traditional Gifts to Make a New Place Feel Like Home:
  -- Cookware and Small Appliances:  Couples still planning on preparing
     romantic dinners with Mom and Dad's hand-me-downs will benefit from's selection of cookware and small appliances -- in
     approximately 20 brands.  Cookware prices range from $14.99 to $389.99
     and include Calphalon's 10-piece set of pots and pans (for $199.99).
     Small appliances including Mr. Coffee's 12-Cup Coffee Maker (for
     $54.99), Kenmore's Toaster Oven/Broiler (for $79.99) and Cuisinart's 7-
     speed blender/processor (for $109.99) allow couples to prepare
     everything from a quick cup of coffee to a full home-cooked meal.
  -- Tools:  For couples who are packing up their old places, moving into a
     new one, tools make getting settled much easier.  Start with the
     basics: give the newlyweds two Craftsman hammers, one for her one for
     him, and a pair of Craftsman Auto Lock pliers, each guaranteed forever,
     or a portable power drill ideal for building a new life together.  Tool
     Territory on showcases nearly 5,000 tools in 120 different
     brands, including Craftsman, the nation's top-selling tool brand, which
     is only available at Sears.
  -- Lawn and Garden Equipment:  Now that they own their corner of the
     world, a Craftsman Reel Mower will help newlyweds take care of it.
     This environmentally sound hand-pushed mower uses human power instead
     of an engine -- and is priced from $89.99 to $189.99.  Ideal for first-
     time homeowners with small lawns.  For larger lawns, Sears also sells
     more powered lawn and garden equipment than any other retailer.  As of
     this spring, also carries patio furniture.

  Non-Traditional Gifts to Make Old Homes New Havens:
  -- Personal Care:  Loved ones can help the bride and groom ease pre- or
     post-wedding day jitters by converting their bathroom into their own
     personal spa.  The Conair Thermal Spa Bath Mat, (priced at $99.99)
     sends aeration throughout the tub to make an every day bath feel like
     spa therapy.
  -- Indoor and Outdoor Grills:  Couples often consider a great grill to be
     the one essential for a backyard or deck. offers a variety
     of charcoal, gas and electric grills from popular brands such as
     Coleman, Kenmore and Weber, priced from $19.99 to $1,019.99.  The
     George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill for $149.99 ensures
     newlyweds can enjoy year-round grilling.  Popular George Foreman
     grills, which grill on both sides at once, start as low as $27.99.
  -- Digital Camcorders:  For couples who want to capture wedding day,
     honeymoon and every day memories, Sears sells more camcorders than any
     other U.S. retailer.  Name brands include RCA, JVC, Samsung, Philips,
     Panasonic, Sony and Sharp, priced from $329.99.

Sears Gift Cards may be delivered to all 50 United States and Puerto Rico and are available on for all seasons and gift-giving occasions. Products purchased on may be shipped within the 48 contiguous United States. focuses on solutions for the home-and family. Products available online include appliances and cookware, lawn and garden equipment, tools, home electronics, computers and office equipment, fitness equipment, school uniforms, an assortment of baby products -- and parts for appliances and electronics.


SOURCE: Sears Roebuck & Co.

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