If Cars Had Improved Their Energy Efficiency as Quickly as the New Kenmore Elite® Refrigerators, We'd All Be Getting 80 Miles to the Gallon

Because of its strong commitment to energy efficiency and resource conservation the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has upgraded its standards for refrigerators. These new standards go into effect July 1, 2001, and Sears, Roebuck and Co., the 2001 Energy Star® Partner of the Year, will be shipping its new line of 2001 Kenmore® and Kenmore Elite™ energy-efficient refrigerators to stores in May. Each of these 55 Kenmore models meet or beat the stricter government energy standards.

To go along with the stricter energy standards, the DOE has also raised the bar for the requirements to achieve the Energy Star rating -- 10 percent more energy efficient than the new standard.

"Our Kenmore Elite models beat the new standard by 15 percent. No other refrigeration line beats the Kenmore Elite energy efficiency standards," says Tina Settecase, Sears vice president of home appliances.

Kenmore dominates the refrigeration market with a 25 percent share of sales. Sears sales of all brands of refrigerators is more than 35 percent. According to Settecase, it is Sears responsibility as the U.S. leader in the sale of refrigerators to meet these new standards as quickly as possible.

"Sears sells more refrigerators than any other retailer. In addition to our exclusive Kenmore brand, we carry all leading U.S. brands. Sears will set the pace in presenting energy-efficient choices to consumers," says Settecase. "In total, Sears carries 84 different energy efficient refrigerator models.

"The refrigerator is the biggest energy hog in the kitchen," Settecase continues, "By reducing the use of energy of this appliance we make a huge step forward in energy conservation."

According to the DOE if everyone who purchased a new refrigerator in 2001 were replacing a ten-year old refrigerator with one that was July 2001 compliant, we would save 3.9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year. That is enough energy saved to light the city of Chicago for nearly six months.

The ultimate Kenmore model is the Kenmore Elite 26-cubic foot side-by- side. It exceeds the new 2001 energy-efficiency standards by more than 15 percent and is a U.S. Department of Energy ENERGY STAR® rated appliance. The energy required to operate this refrigerator is the same amount of energy required to light a 60 or 75 watt light bulb*.

The newest Kenmore refrigerator illustrates that customers do not have to give up style to save energy.

  -- An innovation in refrigeration design, the Kenmore Elite is packed with
     features and sophisticated style - a contoured door with an in-door ice
     storage and dispensing system offers a removable ice caddy for ease of
  -- With a taller and wider opening than traditional water and ice
     dispensers, the Kenmore Elite can accommodate even sport-sized water
  -- Sleek electronic digital controls let the user know the exact
     temperature in the fresh food and freezer compartments.

  -- A unique, quick-cooling system called Grocery Savor™, quickly
     reduces the temperature of newly introduced foods to keep them fresher
  -- The newest Kenmore refrigerator also offers the Sensor Chill™
     temperature management system.  Through the use of two independent
     sensors (one in the fresh food and one in the freezer compartment), a
     consistent temperature is maintained, even when the door to the fresh
     food compartment is repeatedly opened and closed.

"Sears will continue to develop energy efficient products that meet or exceed government requirements, while meeting our customers' requirements for style, performance and innovation," says Sears Settecase.

Kenmore Elite refrigerator model #52602 is available in white-on-white, bisque-on-bisque, black-on-black and stainless steel with graphite trim.

For more information on Kenmore products call 1-888-KENMORE.

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SOURCE: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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