Kenmore Brand Continues the Biggest Transformation in Its History, Introduces 450 New, Innovative Products

Nation's Leading Appliance Brand Introduces Consumer Researched, New Product Lines with an Emphasis on Design

The Kenmore® brand, the nation's leading appliance brand known for quality and dependability for more than 83 years, continues its efforts to reinvent itself with the introduction of brand new Kenmore and Kenmore Elite® products in refrigeration, dish, laundry, cooking and small kitchen appliances. Each new appliance was developed to fit the lifestyles of today's consumers with a focus on providing style, forward-thinking features and innovations that will change the way consumers interface with their appliances.

"As America's leading appliance brand, we recognize that even iconic brands, like Kenmore, need to reinvent themselves periodically to meet the changing needs of our customers," said Guenther Trieb, president, Kenmore Brand Business Unit, Sears Holdings. "During the development process, we listened carefully to consumer feedback on what they want from their Kenmore and Kenmore Elite appliances. The new Kenmore products feature eye-catching designs, new innovations, and when applicable, energy efficient capabilities to fit our customers' lifestyles."

To stay ahead of consumers' needs by delivering breakthrough solutions, the Kenmore brand will unveil an astonishing 450 new and/or improved products across all of its large and small appliance lines throughout 2010. As the Kenmore brand continues to deliver innovative solutions to meet consumers' ever-evolving needs, the brand is also modernizing its image and product assortment to be a closer reflection of today's consumers and their lives. Some key highlights to date, include:

  --  November 2009 -
      --  Redesigned the Kenmore logo to symbolize the blend of the brand's
          rich heritage, a more modern, fresh image, and continued
          innovation leadership
      --  Updated the visual identity to include spirited language, bright
          colors, and simple, yet modern designs to help the brand stand out
          and show its new bold, witty and fresh personality.
      --  Launched a line of high-efficiency front-load laundry, which
          introduced a whole new way to custom-clean and care for your
          clothes with the revolutionary Smart Motion™ technology that
          moves the drum in multiple ways to give each fabric and each load
          the cleaning and care it deserves. This new line also took laundry
          design to a new frontier with an innovative door design and
          groundbreaking controls.
  --  January 2010 -
      --  Began airing new commercials with the tagline "Kenmore. That's
          Genius," which built upon the revitalized brand image while
          bringing the new brand vision to life in full color.
      --  Introduced a new, interactive Web site ( to
          address consumers' needs with unique capabilities such as a
          consumer-friendly resource that simplifies the process of finding
          the right appliance by guiding consumers through their options.
  --  March 2010 -
      --  Opened the doors to its first interactive "Kenmore Live Studio" in
          downtown Chicago. The Kenmore Live Studio is an interactive
          experience that brings together live demonstrations and video and
          social media capabilities unlike anything ever seen before in the
          industry. It lets you interact with a top chef or home/lifestyle
          expert right in the Live Studio or from your computer using a live
          video feed from cameras in the Studio that broadcast to the
          Kenmore Facebook page (
  --  And, this is just the beginning of what consumers can come to expect
      from the brand moving forward in 2010 and beyond.

"We're just getting started on what we have planned ahead for the brand and our products. We'll be raising the bar on style and innovation in all of our large and small appliance categories," said Betsy Owens, Kenmore brand's vice president and general manager. "All of the new products will incorporate more solutions for today's needs and sophisticated design elements than ever before. These new products will make consumers re-evaluate their perceptions of the Kenmore brand and the possibilities for their homes."

Product design played a key role in Kenmore's reinvention and the brand created and incorporated a new product design philosophy that was carried throughout the development of all the new large and small appliance lines. The philosophy features the following four pillars:

  --  Offer Premium Customer Touch Points - incorporating higher quality
      handles and knobs such as the Kenmore signature bowtie handles to add
      an elegant look and an ergonomic grip or the high-quality
      blue-LED-ringed knobs on laundry products.
  --  Feature User-Friendly Interfaces that Conveys Premium Technology -
      integrating color-touch LCD displays and other advanced displays that
      look like the most high-tech computers while having a very intuitive,
      easy-to-navigate layout.
  --  Streamline Modern Design to Fit in Any Home - ensuring appliances
      feature sleek , modern lines and flush, easy-wipe surfaces.
  --  Incorporate New Logo and Custom Font and Sound Palette  - All products
      feature the new modern logo and the new custom-designed Kenmore font. 
      And, select products feature a sound palette composed for Kenmore that
      is pleasing to the ear while also providing sound cues that make it
      easier to operate the machines.

The new Kenmore and Kenmore Elite products will roll out from May through November 2010. Product highlights of the new lines include:

Front-load Laundry (June launch)

Consumers who want to lower their utility bills and add style to their laundry room, while also staying on budget, will love the new Kenmore front-load products that provide eye-catching style and great value. The new value products offer all of the essential front-load features to make consumers' laundry experience better, including:

  --  Time-Saving Capacity - 4.0 cubic feet of capacity can handle a
      king-sized comforter and other oversized loads, saving you time
  --  Vibration Guard™ Technology - Provides smooth, quiet operation
      without having to worry about being disturbed by the sound of the
  --  Energy Star Rated - Exceeds Energy Star standards, helping you lower
      utility bills

  Refrigeration (June launch)

The new Kenmore Elite refrigeration line up will offer more space, innovative new features and show-stopping style. All the refrigeration products incorporate the new Kenmore Elite design philosophy -- also seen in the new kitchen products, including ranges, wall ovens and dishwashers -- which is to provide sleek and modern styling that fits with any kitchen decor. In addition to design, the new refrigeration products feature new innovations, such as:

  --  Multi Air Flow Technology - Provides even cooling by circulating cold
      air into every nook and cranny. Seven electronic temperature sensors
      work to make sure frozen items stay frozen and refrigerated items do
      not freeze
  --  GeniusCool™ Technology - Offers smooth, quiet operation and energy
      efficiency that exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards
  --  Slim In-door Icemaker - Provides complete usage of the top shelf space
      while also allowing for two more storage bins in the door

  Top-Load High-Efficiency Laundry (August launch)

For consumers who want all the advantages of a front load washer but still a prefer top-load washer, the Kenmore top-load high-efficiency laundry products have everything you want and more, while still offering a great value.

  --  Best-in-Class Cleaning(1)- Provides the best cleaning in its class,
      hands down
  --  Energy Efficiency - Exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards, using up to 20
      gallons less water per load to help you save money(2)
  --  Best Stain Removal in Its Class with Stain Boost™(3) which helps
      knock out tough stains and the Timed Oxi™ option dispenses
      oxygen-based additives at the right time
  --  Fastest and Gentlest Drying Combination - EvenHeat® Technology(4)
      senses when clothes are dry to help avoid over-drying clothes. It is
      smart enough to adjust the cycle temperature and automatically turn
      off to prevent over drying

  Dish (August launch)

The new Kenmore Elite dish line up will be sure to make a stylish statement in any kitchen. And design is not the only thing that sets the new Elite dishwashers apart, the innovations will put an end to tireless dishwashing rituals forever:

  --  360 degree PowerWash Technology - Lets you load dishes wherever you
      want. The spray arms blast dishes from all angles, reaching into
      corners to get every last inch of the dish sparkling clean
  --  TurboZone with Rotating Spray Jets - Gets the toughest messes clean.
      The jets act like a "power cleaner" on dishes and tackle stuck-on food
  --  SmartControls - Takes control of dishwashing by providing necessary
      information including cycle descriptions and dishwasher tips, all in
      an easy-to-read, hidden LCD display

Top-load High Efficiency LCD Laundry (Smooth Touch launches in July, Color LCD launches in September)

The next generation of Kenmore Elite top-load laundry continues the brand's transformation in laundry care by combining unprecedented style for the top-load laundry category, along with the technology and capacity to give clothes the smartest care they can find including:

  --  Custom Cleaning and Care with Smart Motion™ Technology which offers
      a whole new way to clean and care for clothes by custom-blending six
      unique wash motions to custom clean each type of fabric, giving it
      just the right amount of cleaning and care they need
  --  Cold Water Efficiency with Warm-water Cleaning Power with the Cold
      Clean™ Cycle which uses cold water to clean clothes as effectively
      as warm-water cycles while using less energy than the already highly
      efficient Normal cycle
  --  Reduce Utility Bills - ENERGY STAR® qualified and highly energy and
      water efficient, get additional savings with the Save Energy+ option
      that provides additional savings on select cycles with the push of a
  --  Spend Less Time Ironing and Re-washing - The Steam Refresh™ cycle
      relaxes wrinkles and reduces odors in garments in just 20 minutes
      without washing or ironing
  --  NSF® Certified(3) Sanitize Cycle - Sanitize items and eliminate 99% of
      certain bacteria right in the dryer without washing them. This is
      great for things like pillows and teddy bears

  Small Domestic Appliances (July and September launches)

Kenmore Elite Small Domestic Appliances are designed to deliver endless possibilities and solutions that are "genius". The new Kenmore domestic small appliances are little works of art that offer the convenience and performance to create the perfect meal or to keep your floor looking beautiful including:

  --  Great Performance with Power and Precision -The Kenmore Elite
      blender's 900 watts of power can easily handle heavy mixtures, while
      its six precision blades effortlessly crush ice. The 800 watts of
      power of the new Kenmore Elite food processor easily handles those
      tough chopping and slicing tasks. The Kenmore Intuition's Power Flow
      Dual Chamber Bag System with True HEPA captures maximum debris for
      cleaner indoor air
  --  Precision and Control to Achieve Desired Results - Kenmore
      TrueCookPlus ™ Countertop Microwave cooks your food deliciously and
      easily. Simply enter the TrueCookPlus™ code found on most frozen
      and packaged foods into the microwave keypad and the microwave handles
      all cooking details. The Kenmore Elite portable induction cooktop
      gives you precise temperature control when preparing your culinary
      creations The Kenmore Elite two- and four- slice toaster lines feature
      nine custom setting options that toast bread exactly how you want it.
      The Kenmore Intuition upright vacuum cleaner features a reach-out wand
      and tools on board to clean floors and much more

  Cooking (October launch)

The brand has revamped its electric, gas and convection ranges to fit with the new Kenmore Elite kitchen design philosophy, which calls for sleek and modern styling that fits with any kitchen decor. The new cooking line lets you cook like a pro with the features and innovations of the electric, gas and convection lines, including:

  --  Kenmore Exclusive AirGuard™ - Virtually eliminates odors from the
      cooking or the self-clean cycle of the electric and convection
      products, yet allows pleasant aromas to fill the kitchen
  --  Built-in Temperature Probe - Lets you monitor the internal temperature
      of your food for perfect results on the electric and gas products
  --  Electronic Surface Element Controls - Provides more control over
      cooking on the electric products. Each element can go from the lowest
      of simmer settings to highest of power settings and since the controls
      are digital, the exact setting can be duplicated anytime

  Top-load Conventional Laundry (October launch)

The Kenmore top-load laundry line offers best-in-class cleaning at a fantastic value with style. These top-load laundry products provide a smarter kind of clean with features, including:

  --  Exceptional cleaning with the Triple Action® Agitator which moves in
      multiple directions to keep clothes moving for extra cleaning action
  --  Fewer loads thanks to large capacity - Cleans 28 t-shirts in a single
      load with 3.5 cu. ft. capacity and the Triple Action® agitator
  --  Avoid wrinkles in forgotten loads with Wrinkle Guard™ which helps
      prevent wrinkles from setting in after the cycle is over

For information on the upcoming products, please contact Larry Costello of Sears Holdings or Jemini Patel of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR. For more information on the Kenmore brand and currently available products, visit or the nearest Sears store.

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(1) Among leading brand top-load high efficiency washers 3.7 cu. ft. or less, as measured by Department of Energy standards, based on a 16 lb. load

(2) Compared to a top-load, deep-fill washer manufactured before 2004, using the Normal cycle

(3) Among leading brand top-load high efficiency washers with 4.3 cubic feet IEC capacity or less

(4) The NSF mark is assurance that a product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification companies in existence today, NSF International

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