Kenmore® Announces the Crazy Cleaning Confessions Contest

Nation's Leading Appliance Brand Challenges Americans to 'Fess Up' for the Chance to Win a High-Efficiency Appliance to Help End Their Crazy Cleaning Habits

Do you freshen your jeans in the freezer because you've heard washers can ruin the fit? Do you find yourself handwashing your dishes before you run them through the dishwasher because you've been told dishwashers aren't able to do a thorough cleaning? If you can relate and have some crazy cleaning habits of your own to share, it's time to enter Kenmore's Crazy Cleaning Confessions Contest - the crazier the confession, the better! Three lucky winners will go from "crazy" to clean and green, with appliances from the Kenmore Elite line that have been designed to deliver the cleaning and care solutions consumers need.

People are finding their older appliances don't do the job right the first time, so they end up having to do the job themselves. More time gets spent on chores and less with their families or doing the things they love. A recent survey conducted by Kenmore to better understand the challenges time-pressed moms are facing found that moms overwhelmingly want help with cleaning. Fifty two percent said family members helping with household chores would help them get more of the quality time with their children that they crave. And, getting appliances with the latest technology that can effectively do the job and require minimal effort can make a big difference - 79 percent think large appliances are one of the key items they need to keep their homes running smoothly. In fact, large appliances beat out spouses (68 percent) as the best way to keep your home running smoothly.

"I'm always looking for ways to save time and used to get so frustrated that chores like laundry or dishes would take up so much of my day," said Amy Clark, founder of "Cleaning my family's clothes with my old laundry pair required pre-treating stains, doing multiple washes and hang-drying clothes to prevent shrinkage. Now with my new Kenmore laundry pair, I just toss all the clothes into one load and everything comes out really clean without using stain sticks - doing laundry is so easy now."

"We have taken the 'crazy' out of cleaning by designing products that are both high performance and energy efficient," said Betsy Owens, Kenmore brand's vice president and general manager. "Given the innovative appliance solutions we've developed, the Crazy Cleaning Confessions Contest puts a spotlight on the unnecessary lengths people go through to get their dishes and clothes clean, especially since they don't have time. As one of America's most trusted brands with one of the broadest assortments of home appliance products, Kenmore knows that people want appliances that can do the job right the first time so they don't have to do the job for them."

From scrubbing their shirts with a toothbrush to using a garden hose to power spray baked-on foods off, people are going to extremes to get clothes and dishes clean. Kenmore is encouraging people to capture their extreme cleaning habits by submitting a short 30-90 second video confession on from now until September 6 for the chance to win appliances from the Elite line -- and let their garden hose and toothbrush go back to doing the jobs they are actually meant to do. Kenmore will select the finalists from September 7-10 and people will be able to vote for their favorite videos from September 11-October 1. The three winners will be announced on October 12.

And, in keeping with its commitment to the environment, Kenmore will donate $10,000 as well as 50 cents for each video viewed (up to $25,000 for the total donation) to the Jane Goodall Institute for use in its programs.

The winners of the Kenmore Crazy Cleaning Confessions contest(1) will receive one of three Kenmore Elite prizes to help rid them of their crazy habits once and for all:

      --  Grand Prize - Kenmore Elite HE5t™ Laundry Pair:  the sleek
          design of this set will look great in any laundry room while its
          high efficiency features will change the way you think about doing
            --  Steam Washer: it cleans better than any other leading brand
                front-load washer(2). The Steam Treat™ feature virtually
                eliminates the need to pre-treat stains by addressing
                different types of stains in a single load while the Timed
                Oxi™ option releases stain-removal additives at the
                appropriate time in the cycle for improved stain-fighting

                It uses up to 77 percent less water and 81 percent less
                energy(3), translating to up to $175 annually in potential
                energy and water savings. This ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED washer
                is so efficient it could potentially pay for itself over its
                expected life with the savings on your utility bills.

            --  Steam Dryer: the SteamCare™ Refresh cycle lets you
                refresh dry garments without washing them by using a fine
                mist and heat to relax wrinkles and reduce odors in minutes
                while the SteamCare Touch Up feature allows you to spend
                less time ironing by relaxing wrinkles in loads left too
                long in the dryer or laundry basket.

                Even Heat™ technology gives you the fastest and gentlest
                drying(4) by maintaining more consistent temperatures
                during the dry cycle. The Heated Drying Rack feature allows
                you to dry lay-flat items like sweaters, shoes and hats
                with the touch of a button, and it dries three times faster
                than any other drying rack(4).

      --  First Prize - Kenmore Elite Oasis Laundry Pair: the soothing blue
          color of this set will put your laundry worries to ease by making
          doing laundry a breeze.
            --  Steam Washer: the 4.7 cubic feet capacity of this washer
                lets you wash more at once - it can clean up to 24 bath
                towels in one load(5), and it cleans better than any other
                leading brand top-load washer(6). The Stain Treat™ option
                with built-in heater lets you spend less time pre-treating
                stains by cleaning different types of stains in one load
                while the Timed Oxi option automatically releases
                oxygen-based stain fighters at the appropriate time in the
                cycle to fight tough stains.

                This washer helps save money on utility bills by exceeding
                the ENERGY STAR efficiency qualifications. It saves 69
                percent less water and 66 percent less energy, and can also
                save up to 20 percent more energy with the Kenmore's
                exclusive Save Energy Plus option.

                Steam Dryer: lets you dry more at once with its extra-large
                7.6 cubic feet capacity. The TurboDry™ technology lets
                you fold before the next wash load is done by using a larger
                blower to increase airflow and dry clothes faster, while
                still being gentle. The Heated Dryer Rack also dries
                sweaters, hats and shoes up to three times faster than with
                other dryer racks(4). And the SteamCare Refresh cycle allows
                you to refresh clothes without washing by relaxing wrinkles
                and removing odors.

      --  Second Prize - Kenmore Elite High Efficiency Dishwasher: this
          dishwasher is sleek on the outside and high performance on the
            --  No more pre-loading rituals such as rinsing, soaking and
                scrubbing with this dishwasher - just scrape away excess
                food and load right in to save time, water and money.
                TurboZone™ with Rotating Spray Jets helps save effort by
                providing a concentrated wash to dishes placed in the back
                of the rack and eliminates the need to pre-soak, scrub or
                rinse even the toughest, baked-on dishes. With special
                pressurized spray nozzles, it can also tackle dried oatmeal
                and egg without pre-rinsing. And, at only 46 dBA, it
                operates so quietly you will not even know it is on.

                This ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED appliance saves 41 percent less
                water and 34 percent less energy(7). The SmartWash™ HE
                Cycle determines the right amount of time, water and energy
                needed to clean dishes, so you get excellent cleaning
                results while using fewer resources.

Visit to enter the Kenmore Crazy Confessions Cleaning Contest, check out some of the outrageous video submissions and get Amy Clark's cleaning tips. For more information on the Kenmore Elite prizes, please visit

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       21 AND OLDER AND who did not purchase any equipment for purposes of
       entering the Contest.  VOID IN AK, HI & WHERE PROHIBITED.  Enter
       Contest by: 9/6/09 at 11:59 p.m. ET. For Official Rules and prize
       descriptions, visit Sponsor: Sears,
       Roebuck & Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179.
  (2)  Compared to leading brand front-load washers based on a 20 lb. load
  (3)  Compared to a convention top load washer manufactured before 2004
       using the Normal cycle; based on an 11-year expected life
  (4)  Among leading brand dryers
  (5)  Based on approximately 24" x 44" towels
  (6)  Among leading brand top-load washers based on 17 lb. load
  (7)  Compared to dishwashers manufactured seven years ago

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